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Trollforsen Camping & Cottages

A magical place to be


When we had breakfast for the first time on the terrace with a view of the Hemsjön, our house water, it was clear to us that we didn't want to enjoy this natural spectacle just for vacation and we began to dream ...

We are now living our dream in this special, for us magical place in Lapland and invite you to recharge your batteries with us, to relax, to unwind and, if necessary, to know and love the many beautiful sides and experiences of our world to learn.


WHO the F * Gargnäs

...and why moving from a 3 million city that never sleeps to a village with 150 inhabitants 2000km away from home?

Urlaub in Schweden

The fresh air, immediate relaxation, the power of nature....

You arrive, relax, a cosy place, a haven far away from urban sprawls. A place to let go. Fresh, clean air, silence, friendly people, little traffic on the small roads...

Here you find two absolutely contrasting worlds: 

The Summer- and the Winter world.

Winterurlaub in Schweden

The winter: short days, cosy hours, a fireplace with a warming, cracking fire, wooden huts from where warm rays of light emit into the darkness outside, only to be met by the northerns lights frequently encountered here. 

Heaps of snow, landscapes covered in snow and ice, elks, reindeer, bears, eagles . Downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding and snowshoe tours. 


Sommerurlaub in Schweden

The summer:

Endess days, beaming with life, flowers and animals alike with temperatures reaching 25C and more. Clear and clean streams, rivers and lakes, endless forests and meadows full ready for hikes and foraging of blueberries and mushrooms.

Fishing, paddling on the numerous lakes and rivers, hiking, quad tours, swimming, biking or just watching wildlife and soak up nature.

Lappland Reisen

Whenever we have been traveling in untouched nature, we realized how little we actually missed and we realized more and more, that a life away from a big city is doable and we started to dream of a new and very different life.

Nordlichter in Lappland

The home of the northern lights and endless summer nights.

Winterurlaub in Schweden

The endless high plains, reindeer and the rough climate provide the "Norrland" its very own and special character.

Winterurlaub in Schweden
Winterurlaub in Lappland

During the day you can spend your energy on a ski, husky or snow-scooter, ice fishing, ice-skating or snow show tour and listen to stories about the culture of the "Samen" over a cracking fire, or enjoy a traditional wood fired steam room and hearty food.


We now live our dream in this little place in Swedish Lappland and invite you to visit us to revitalize, relax and fall in love with this beautiful and magical spot at the edge of the world.

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