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A magical place to be


When we had breakfast for the first time on the terrace with a view of the Hemsjön, our house water, it was clear to us that we didn't want to enjoy this natural spectacle just for vacation and we began to dream ...

We are now living our dream in this special, for us magical place in Lapland and invite you to recharge your batteries with us, to relax, to unwind and, if necessary, to know and love the many beautiful sides and experiences of our world to learn.

Trollforsen - Summer World
Lappland Reisen


The summer in comfortable, but not hot. Vast green forests and plains are to be explored by nature lovers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts during often blue skies and almost never ending midsummer sun.


Urlaub in Schweden

In the morning, when a thin layer of fog tinged red from the sunrise hangs over the surface of the water and the lungs fill with fresh, clean air and the birds greet the day, you can feel the power of nature in and around you with every fiber of your body.


Angeln in Schweden

The rivers Gargan and Vindelalven, as well as  numerous lakes invite you to fish for salmon, brown  and brook trout, greyling, Pike and bass.


Urlaub mit Kindern
viele Pilze Geheimtipp

Hiking in the mountains close to the polar circle, when the midsummer sun illuminates the nights is a magical experience.


In Lappland, one of europes last untouched areas you can experience nature in its purest form.


This is a place for families, sport and outdoor enthusiasts, forager and fishermen.

Here you will experience how liberating it is to let go of the noise of civilisation and embrace nature.


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