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If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: +46 (0) 72 9106491


Family Treeck 

Byvägen 47

92493 Gargnäs


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Getting there:


The quickest way to get to us in the north is by plane. Gargnäs can be easily reached via the following airports and by bus. The bus stop is opposite TROLLFORSEN. The following airports are in our vicinity:

  • Umeå (approx. 235 km)

  • Skellefteå (approx. 164 km)

  • Arvidsjaur (approx. 95 km)

  • Lycksele (approx. 104 km)

Our shuttle bus will pick you up from the nearest airport (Arvidsjaur).

Gargnäs even has a sports aircraft runway, which also enables a shuttle by small aircraft if necessary.




The easiest way to book is through SAS . Cheap domestic flights from Stockholm to Arvidsjaur or Lycksele can be found at Nextjet . In winter, FlyCar offers direct flights from Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich or Stuttgart to Arvidsjaur.

On site you can then take the bus to Gargnäs, you can rent a car from Avis or Hertz .

It takes longer by car or train, but you can see something of the country. The journey to Sweden takes place via the well-known ferry ports in the south. Then there are different ways to get to us

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